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We provide premium-quality tires made using state-of-the-art technology and available at a rate that fits your budget. Shop Now!

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We provide premium-quality tires made using state-of-the-art technology and available at a rate that fits your budget. Shop Now!

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We’re the ideal choice for all racing enthusiasts! Hoosier Tire Western Canada is an internationally recognized race tire manufacturing company known for its wide selection of tires available at the best rates.

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We strive to meet every customer’s needs and exceed their expectations by offering the best customer service. If you have any questions or feedback for us, let us know so we can do our best to serve you better.

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We do not compromise on the quality of tires whatsoever. All our tires are made using top-quality products. Why wait, then? Contact us today!


We fuel passion, price, and success with our tires designed for champions.

Hoosier Racing Tire is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world. Hoosier has grown to produce over 1000 different types of race tires. The company has its 300-mph test wheel; a technology center; state-of-the-art, fully integrated production facilities, and a high-tech mixing plant. It has been integrated into the Continental Specialty Tire Business Unit and strives for growth domestically and internationally.


The history of Hoosier Racing Tire is one of an American Dream come true for two young Indiana entrepreneurs who turned a personal vision into a reality. It began in the early 1950s when Bob Newton and his wife Joyce began a successful racing career on the small asphalt tracks of northern Indiana. Like many of his fellow drivers, Bob wanted more than driving on street tires with their limited sizing options and complex tread compounds. During these early days, Bob had the vision to produce his own tires specifically designed for racing.

In 1957, Bob and Joyce began producing their race tires by re-treading street tires with softer compounds. They started their business in an abandoned horse barn in South Bend, Indiana, selling their tires to local racers. They chose the Hoosier name for their company to reflect the origin of Bob’s racing roots on the short tracks of the Midwest, and the purple colour that embodies the Hoosier Tire brand today was inspired by Bob’s first racing car.

Although the recapping business had become very successful, Bob knew that future growth would require purpose-built, all-new Hoosier Tires. In 1962, after a conversation with Mohawk Rubber at a dealer conference, that dream became a reality. The first purpose-built racing tire soon followed. When Mohawk closed its doors in 1978, The Newton’s opened their factory, the first dedicated explicitly to producing race tires in Plymouth, Indiana.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Bob led the Hoosier Tire Team into the NASCAR Winston Cup Series in 1988. In the first year at the highest level of American Auto Racing, Hoosier captured nine victories while getting their marquee win at the Daytona 500 in 1989.

In 1992, Hoosier took another bold step and decided to build its second tire plant in preparation for the company’s return to NASCAR’s Winston Cup series. This tire plant was solely devoted to manufacturing tubeless radial race tires. The company returned to NASCAR in 1994 and captured 11 pole positions and four wins. This same radial tire technology is the foundation for Hoosier’s continued success in SCCA, SOLO, and Vintage Sports Car Racing.

The turn of the century also saw Hoosier Tire complete a massive, multi-year plant consolidation and upgrade program, bringing all manufacturing operations into one complex. In 2011, a partnership was formed between Hoosier and Continental Tire where the two companies would collaborate to produce and market the Official Spec Tire of the Rolex Sports Car Series. This program lasted for eight years. On October 4, 2016, Continental Tire purchased Hoosier Racing Tire.

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Are you ready to step on the top podium in victory lane? See why we are Tires Designed for Champions. View our full line of Hoosier Racing Tire apparel and shop our closeout line of tires today.

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Pro Street Tires

Hoosier Tire proudly presents the only true steel-belted radial tire for the Pro Street and Hot Rod enthusiast, the Hoosier Pro Street Radial. The Hoosier Pro Street Radial has been refined to maintain cleaner looks without sacrificing ride comfort or drivability. 

The steel-belted radial construction continues to deliver the comfort and highway stability not found in traditional bias-ply tires. Black sidewall markings guarantee the tires blend in with other custom additions to your car. For the ultimate style and performance, drive the Hoosier Pro Street Radial.

Off-Road Tires

Hoosier Racing Tires’ new lineup of off-road tires are developed for top-tier performance. This new lineup will continuously grow with new sizes for ATV, UTV, and Motocross.

Karting/Quarter Midget Tires

Sprint Karting: Since entering the kart market in 2006, Hoosier Racing Tire has developed a comprehensive line of dry and wet weather tires for Sprint, Autocross, Enduro, and Super Kart applications. Our high-quality products provide drivers of any experience level with a tire that meets their high-performance needs. 

Hoosier‘s full range of 5” and 6” bead-size tires are designed for specific race environments. These environments include open competition racing, where extracting the ultimate performance from a tire is paramount. Spec tire racing is defined by consistency and predictability in performance over multiple race meetings. 

Entry-level/economy racing is a cost-containment platform where an extremely durable tire emphasizes driver parity. Regardless of the application or race environment, Hoosier has the tire of choice for your karting needs.  

Quarter Midgets/Oval Karting: For the past 11 years, Hoosier Tire has strived to produce some of the best racing tires in the quarter midget/oval karting world. Hoosier is committed to testing and development to keep our product ahead of the competition. Whether sliding on the dirt or hooked to the asphalt, Hoosier has the tire you need. 

Hoosier produces slicks with various compounds compatible with dirt/asphalt surfaces. Hoosier also produces treaded tires with varied compounds to be used on the dirt. Quarter midgets, flat karts, and wing karts on Hoosier Tires have all been where every driver wants to be at the victory lane! 

The Hoosier Racing Tire Drag Racing division has been producing winning race tires for over 30 years. Hoosier produces a proven drag strip winner with state-of-the-art real-world research and development to give our slicks the winning edge. They are engineered for consistent ETs and maximum traction with superior construction and compounding for most drag race applications.

Hoosier produces purpose-built bias ply drag slicks and radials that are reliable, fast, consistent, and affordable for the professional racer to the weekend sportsman at the drag strip. Hoosier builds a complete line of front tires to compliment the rear drive tire applications for drag cars and dragsters for an entire race tire package.

Dirt Oval Tires

From Sprint Cars to Open Wheel Modifieds and Micro Sprints, Hoosier Racing Tire is the industry leader in purpose-built dirt track racing tires. Whether it’s durable and repeatable tires for spec tire applications or high grip compounds and aggressive sidewalls for the open competition market, Hoosier Racing Tire delivers them all.

Hoosier provides spec tires to various national and regional series that promote Sprint Cars, Late Model, Modified, Midget, Northeast Modified, ATV, Silver Crown, Micro Sprint, and Street Stock Racing. Hoosier also has a robust international presence in dirt racing in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. No matter what or where you race on dirt, Hoosier has your “Tires Designed For Champions.”

Circuit Racing Tires

Hoosier Racing Tire has been producing circuit racing tires since 1984. During that time, Hoosier became the largest domestic circuit racing tire supplier. Hoosier Tire has been the winning point of contact on every active permanent circuit in the U.S.

With the ongoing success, our legacy continues to expand, reaching more and more points in the global racing tire markets.

Asphalt Oval Tires

Hoosier Racing Tire has been producing winning oval race tires for over 50 years. Hoosier produces a wide range of oval track asphalt tires to run from the ¼ bullrings to superspeedways. Since the beginning, co-founder Bob Newton built the oval asphalt tire line on a great product that repeats week after week.

Hoosier understands how much time it takes to prepare your car, and your tires should be low maintenance. We offer a line of 8”,10”,13”,14”, 15”, and 16” bead sizes with widths from 6” to 17” and compounds to fit your needs.